Adult Tourism: Sex, Hookers and Escorts in Boston

One of the first big cities of the East Coast, having a lot of culture and history, Boston is famous for being… not famous when it comes to sex tourism. Many say this is due to its religious Puritan past. Probably it’s true, but the city wants to gain its place in the sex tourism field, and it’s getting more open and improving its position. Regarding escorts, the city counts with a population of around 650 thousand inhabitants, so, you will be able to find several options in escorts directories and escorts agencies.
Some other things that you should know are that winters here are very harsh, so if you can choose when to go, avoid this season. Apart from that, the city is known for having high rates of crime, which have decreased lately but still need to be cautious. More details about this in the security section.

Local laws about prostitution, escorts and sex tourism

So, in theory, prostitution is illegal and unregulated in all the U.S. except for some counties of Nevada. The state of Massachusetts has laws against both buying and selling sex. In Massachusetts, a person commits the crime of prostitution by engaging in any sex act in return for a fee. Massachusetts’s prostitution law applies only to people who sell sex. People who buy sex can be convicted of patronizing. Patronizing is basically when you pay a fee with an understanding that it is compensation for sexual conduct. Even so, there are several massage parlors, strip clubs, nightclubs, bars and other kind of places which offer these extra sexual services and are tolerated by law enforcement. So, these places can work perfectly fine, and you won’t be judged for visiting them.
The main issue, as in most countries, is the sexual exploitation. The authorities will pay attention to any case which seems to be related to this as it’s for human trafficking or any case of PIMP’s.
Regarding the streets, you should be careful with prostitutes who work here. In this case, it’s illegal for both the prostitute and the “john”. Of course, as long as it isn’t evident what’s going on, there shouldn’t be any problem but still we recommend avoiding this, not only for its illegality but for your own security.
Summarizing, as long as you only attend to the places we recommend, and you avoid the sex working on the streets or anything which is involved with exploitation then, you will be safe and won’t get involved in any serious legal problem.

Where can I find escorts and the best of sex tourism?

As it was said before, there isn’t much to do in Boston when it comes to sex tourism and if you want more fun, you will have to go to Providence. Of course, it doesn’t mean that having some nice nights in Boston isn’t possible.
Regarding escorts, nowadays, it is easier to find escorts through online agencies or directories since it’s safer for both the escorts and the clients. You can read more about this in the sections Escorts Directories and Escorts Agencies in our blog.


Strip clubs are the most common destination in the USA for those looking for a place where you can have a drink and at the same time see beautiful girls around. Unfortunately, Boston is a little death at night when it comes to strip clubs. There are so few interesting gentlemen’s club in Boston that we’ll have to recommend you some others which are located in surrounding towns. If none of these clubs satisfy you, then you should consider visiting Providence, a city which counts with more and better options.
So, which are these clubs?

Centerfolds (Boston)

Located in the center of Boston, Centerfolds is the most VIP option you will find within the city. The place has a classy and comfortable environment that will make you want to stay in the whole day. Also, the girls of the place are another reason why you won’t leave this place early. All of them are gorgeous and nice performers.
Regarding the amenities of the club, you will find a bar which serves high quality drinks, some stages with poles for the girls to perform and VIP areas.

Address: 12 Lagrange St, Boston
Phone number: (617) 292-2600

The Glass Slipper (Boston)

One of the best options in Boston, in this club you will be able to see some famous performers onstage. The place counts with 3 floors. In the first, you will be able to visit the bar which counts with a stage behind it where you will be able to see excellent performers dancing pole dance. In the third floor, there is a VIP room for the clients who are looking for more privacy or want to host special parties or events.
The place opens 7 days a week the whole year from 12pm to 2am

Address: 22 Lagrange St, Boston
Phone number: (617) 338-2290

The Squire (Revere)

This club isn’t located exactly in Boston, but in Revere, which is only some minutes away from Downtown Boston. If what you wanted was a place where you can find fully nude girls, then today is your lucky day. Squire Club offers exotic dancers, strippers and showgirls that will make your night unforgettable.
The place counts with a bar, where nude bartenders work, that offers a large selection of different beverages such as special cocktails, a lot of kinds of beers, wine, high-end champagne and more. Besides, there are VIP booths, private show rooms, a luxury champagne lounge, 2 stages and TVs for those who like to watch sport matches surrounded by women.
The place works from Wednesday to Sunday from 6pm to 2am. Often, there are special events, so we recommend you to visit their website.

Address: 604 Squire Rd, Revere
Phone number: (781) 289-7000

Golden Banana (Peabody)

The Golden Banana isn’t exactly located in Boston, but it’s just some minutes from Downtown Boston. We can say that The Golden Banana is a complete club because it counts with everything you can need to spend a fantastic night.
Let’s start mentioning that this club offers a team of full nude exotic dancers that also works on the bar. What do they serve here? The catalog is complete, it counts with special cocktails, premium domestic, and imported beer, wine, high-end champagne, and other adult beverages, including complete bottle service.
Among other amenities, the club is equipped with multiple stages, a nice system of art light and sound, VIP booths, private dance rooms, and an exclusive Champagne Lounge.
It opens from Tuesday to Sunday from 6PM to 1AM, but on Fridays it opens at midday.

Address: 151 Newbury St (Route 1), Peabody
Phone number: (978) 536-9700

Mario’s Showplace (Webster)

The first and only club in this list which is far from Boston. Mario’s Showplace is located in Webster, around 100 kilometers or 62 miles away of the city. The place is small, but still the favorite place of several. The club might not be elegant or have the best amenities, but its girls are really hot and nice dancers. Besides, the staff of the place is very friendly.
As most gentlemen’s club, the place is equipped with a bar which also server amazing gourmet food. Apart from that, there are stages with poles, private rooms and TVs for those who like watching the matches.
The venue is open from Monday to Friday from midday to 1am and at weekends from 3PM to 1AM

Address: 147 Thompson Road, Webster
Phone number: (508) 949-6800

Massage Parlors

If you aren’t the kind of people who likes noisy and crowded places as strip clubs and prefer something more quiet, then you will probably like visiting a massage parlor. Here, you can get different kind of massages and also, some extra services if you wish.
There are massage parlors in everything in Boston, but don’t expect big and fancy spaces. Since prostitution is illegal, masseurs prefer to keep their business discrete. So, most massage parlor possess more or less the same level of facilities. What makes the difference in this field are the masseurs. Thus, the parlors that have the most skilled masseurs will be more popular. Unfortunately, girls tend to change place frequently, so it can be difficult to find a specific one. Now, you might be wondering, what can I do? Well, the best option is to read and ask in the forums of USASexGuide or consult reviews in Rubmaps.
Another thing that you have to keep in mind is that most parlors are Asian. There are also some Latinos and Europeans parlors, but they aren’t so frequent.
We have prepared a list with some interesting parlors, but as we said, the popularity of these parlors can change in a blink of an eye, so use this information at your own discretion.

Best Massage Parlors

  • Chinese Body Work: Located in the center of the city, this place won’t let you down. The prices are average and the girls working here are excellent. The place is open every day from 10AM to 8:30PM
    Address: 5 Knapp St, Boston
    Phone number: (617) 426-1979
  • Chinese Best Massage: As the name suggests, this place is an Asian massage parlor. Probably, it’s one of the best in the zone, since it frequently gets positive reviews.
    Address: (617) 959-5507
    Phone number: 40 Harrison Ave, Suite 2C Boston
  • Fragrance Day Spa: This parlor is also Asian, and it’s located in the center of the city. We just can say that the place often gets nice reviews and the customers always leave the place satisfied.
    Address: 99 Harrison Ave, Boston
    Phone number: (617) 654-9049
  • Tranquility Mind and Body: Located in Weymouth, it’s said that there are some hot young girls working here. Probably they aren’t the most professional you will find, but if you want to get massages for younger girls, then consider it.
    Address: 978 Washington Street, Weymouth
    Phone number: (617) 319-0853

Swinger Clubs

Most likely you already know what a swinger club is, but just in case you don’t, swing is a practice in which there are exchanges of couples. This includes, for example, exchange your couple for one person, for another couple or to other people. There has always to be consent from both parts for this to work. So, the concept of swing is clear but, in swinger clubs can happen way more than that. Of course, this depends on the club. Some are more traditional and stay to the concept. Others tend to be more related to BDSM practices and there are others which just offer a place for swingers to meet, get to know each other and form new friendships.
You may be wondering, “if I am single, can I assist to these parties or events?”. The answer will depend mostly on each club or event. In general, single women are always allowed to assists. Regarding men, it will depend on the club, but in general they allow a reduced number of single men to attend.
Unfortunately for you swingers, there isn’t any option within the city, but there is an interesting one in the neighbor State of New Hampshire. Let’s see it:

Club Sinz

This club isn’t in Boston, but it’s the best you will find nearby. The club is located about an hour North of Downtown Boston and 1.5 hours from Portland, ME. The exact location is only revealed to members. The club only tolerates couples and single women, there is no chance for men. So, if you meet these requirements, you won’t regret becoming a member of this club with already has around 7000 couples from all across New England
SINZ has the mission of creating a space where couples can feel young again, attending parties on a nightclub, having some drinks, dancing, etc. SINZ creates a high intimate, sexually charged environment for everybody. So, if you are looking for a place where everything is possible and where everybody is open-minded, and you won’t be judged, here you will be welcome. Members are never forced to participate in anything that makes them uncomfortable. You are free to sit and simply enjoy.

Address: Somewhere in New Hampshire.

BDSM Clubs

This may not be for all, but we can admit that everybody has a dark side on him/herself. If you didn’t know, the term BDSM means bondage, discipline, dominance, submission, and sadomasochism. So, knowing the meaning of the abbreviation, we can have a better idea of what it is about.
Unfortunately, there isn’t any option in Boston. But there are some interesting options in Providence. So, if you need your doze of BDSM, you will have to travel around 1 hour southward but believe us, the options this time are really interesting.
Let’s see our options:

Choice Social Club

When it comes to BDSM, Choice Social Club is definitively the best you will find in New England and even in the whole country. The venue is conveniently located near route I-95 and Routes 6 & 10 in Providence, RI. Directions to the club are available only to members. To put it bluntly, it’s a club equipped with several facilities, including BDSM rooms, where people with different fetish meet, talk, and fulfill all kind of fantasies.
According to their own words in their site, “The mission of Choice Social Club is to empower adventurous, open-minded adults to explore all the choices that the gamut of human sexuality has to offer, both with their partners and with other desirable and like-minded people. Everyone has their own favorite fantasies and turn-ons, and it is our mission to provide an upscale, clean, comfortable and discreet environment for you to safely enjoy exploring the boundaries of your favorite flavor of spice”.
If you are a swinger couple, you are also welcome! In general, traditional swingers will enjoy the venue too, but if you are looking for a place where there will be only swingers, this isn’t your place. Here, all kind of genders and orientations are tolerated. So, people who identify as heterosexual, bisexual, transgendered, and gay are all welcome.
Knowing this, it’s important to recall that this is a fetish club, so you are supposed to be open-minded and respect all kind of kinks. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you have to participate in everything. Written on their site, you can find this fragment: “all members respect one another at Choice. Boundaries and individual fantasies and desires are equally respected, and there is no pressure for any individual to participate in any behavior specifically not his or her fantasy”.

Phone number: (401) 274-3700

Electricity Social Club

Unfortunately, this club isn’t in Boston. But if you are into partying and like a kinky atmosphere, you can’t skip this place. Setup in a former industrial building in providence, the exterior of the place may seem a bit lame, but inside, you will be surprised to see how spacious and well-furnished the place is. The club is open for all genders, orientations and kinks. So, if you want a place to party and not be judged, here is heaven.
Now, let’s talk about the amenities of the club. First, it has a bar equipped with several drinks. Also, it serves back your BYOB free of charge. Next to the bar, there is a large dance floor for those who like dancing. Also, there is a stripper pole that everybody can use. Apart from that, there are several playrooms that guests can use privately or as exhibitionist. For the lovers of BDSM, the place counts with a dungeon which has everything you can imagine of. Besides, ESC offers lounging & chancing areas, lockers and also an indoor ventilated smoking lounge.
As you can see, the place has everything and to become a member is so easy and accessible. To become a member, you can do it by internet or at the door of the same event! All you have to do is share your personal information and pay. At the moment of writing this, the annual membership is available for just $20 and lifetime memberships are just $100.
When are the events? When or does it open? It opens every Friday and Saturday from 9PM to 2AM. Fridays can be a bit boring, the biggest parties are always on Saturdays.

Address: 122 Manton Avenue (right tower, 2nd floor), Providence

Sweet n’Nasty

This place isn’t a club or dungeon, and nothing of the style. Sweet n’Nasty is a peculiar bakery which cook different kind of pastries with particular shapes such as cocks, pussies and tits. The place is like a bar, so you can go and eat there or just go to the place a see it’s decoration. The shop is decorated with BDSM gear and all kind of stuff on its walls. Of course, you can’t have any kind of sexual intercourse in the place, but you may find more people who are kinky like you on the place, who knows? Luckily, the store is in Boston.

Address: 86 Massachusetts Ave, Boston
Phone number: (617) 266-7171

Escorts Directories

First, let’s explain what Escorts Directories are. To make it simple, they are sites where independent escorts share their services. We can say that there are three kinds of escorts directories.
The most typical directories are those in which girls can just share their profile without the requirements of a supervision of veracity. In general, new escorts tend to post in these websites since it’s free for them and also, clients who aren’t so wealthy come here. Be careful because there could be scammers that ask you for payment beforehand and then disappear.
The second kind are those sites where girls can create their accounts and have the chance to prove that she is the owner of the pictures. If it has been proved that she’s real, then this escort will get a badge of verified on her profile. This makes the site and the escorts more trustful and clients.
The last kind of sites are those premium options where escorts must pay a fee to appear in the site. Generally, these sites are split in categories such as: “diamond“, “platinum“, “gold“, etc. So, escorts will pay for some of the categories depending on how much she can earn.

Some advice

If you want to hire an escort from these sites, all you have to do is click their profiles, look for their phone number and write or make a call.
Keep in mind that many girls don’t like discussing details over the phone, they are afraid that someone else could be listening to the call. So, if you are just looking for plain sex, then don’t ask many questions besides the price, duration and place. In the case you are wishing to do something different, then you should ask her politely whether you can discuss more details over the phone. Escorts will understand this because nobody likes reaching the place and realizing the escort you hired won’t satisfy that certain need you had. So, negotiate everything before you come. Another important consideration to keep in mind is that normally escorts, or any call-girl won’t carry many bills so, don’t expect to receive change.
Regarding the place, remember that sex work in Massachusetts is illegal so when you book an appointment with an in-call escort, she won’t tell you the exact location but an approximate address, when you reach the place, she will call you again and take you to the place. Most escorts work on their own flats and others rent hotel rooms or suites depending on their status. Others don’t have a place and do outcall, meaning that they’ll go to your place, but if you are very far or in a dangerous zone, they might decline your offer.
Generally, in the USA, people tend to use the same directories for most states and cities. Since the country is big, there are a lot of directories. Although, there are few which are actually good. In this list, we’ll share you the best and most trustful escorts directories.

The best Escorts Directories:

  • Its catalog is full of nice choices, so you can find any kind of girl. This is one of the most popular and trustful directories since all its escorts are checked. The girls are displayed by categories such as: Diamond, Platinum, Gold and so on. You can check the profile of any girl to have more details.
  • Being one of the most popular sites when it comes to hire escorts, with this directory you have the possibility of searching escorts from several cities in the USA, including Boston. Apart from that, you have filters to search the kind of girl you want and the kind of service that you desire. All escorts are verified in this site.
  • Here you will find a lot of verified escorts. You can select different categories in order to find the escort that best suit your desires. The site has an excellent display, showing the escorts profile with their photos and allowing you to check their profiles to have more information. Most escorts’ profiles are verified, so you can be sure that they are who they show you.
  • You can find escorts of other states and countries in this directory. Apart from that, you can see if the profiles are verified or not.
  • This site is international. The site displays the profiles of the escorts with their pictures. Apparently, all profiles are verified before being posted. Apart from that, escorts have the possibility to pay for premium advertisement.

Escorts Agencies

If you are looking for the best escorts, then you should search in an escorts’ agency. Escorts from agencies tend to be way more expensive but, in general, they are the best of the best.
So, what are the best agencies?

Best Escorts Agencies

  • This agency offers the service of several escorts. Their site not only displays the escorts, but also counts with filters and categories, so you can find quickly exactly what you want.
  • Boston wild escorts is one of the most complete agencies, having a lot of girls displayed in categories. You can search them according to ethnicity, or also you can search for girls who do specific massages.
  • This agency doesn’t have many options, but the ones it has won’t let you down. On their site you will be able to see the profile of several girls with several details.
  • bostonintescorts: Boston International Escorts counts with several possibilities. Their site has a feature that allows you to know which escorts are available at the moment. As most escorts agencies, you can click the profile of any girl and read more about her.
  • Another incredible escorts agencies that count with several escorts. Here, you also have the possibility to search them by category and some of them do massages. In their site, you also have the option of filtering by kind of massage.

Sex shops

If you are getting bored with the usual, then, you should try with some toys, lingerie or other things. When it comes to sex shops, there are several options in this category. We can say it’s the field that has grown the most in the last years in Boston.
So, let’s see which these options are:

Good Vibrations

Possessing 11 venues, 2 located in the city. This chain is one of the most relevant in the country when it comes to sex shops. In Boston, this is the favorite sex shops of the locals since it has a huge catalog of toys and at the same time, the place is discrete.
All of their stores are aimed for both men and women, and they offer from the simplest toys to the most hardcore you can imagine of. Some examples of the things you can find here are strap-ons, rows of vibrators, an array of bondage accessories, floggers, cuffs, plugs, rings, condoms, lube, erotic books, porn movies and more. Most items have a display model, so you can grab it and test it a bit before buying it, the staff will be glad to help you out.

Address: 308A Harvard St. Brookline / 52 John F. Kennedy St. Cambridge
Phone number: (617) 487-4990 / (617) 250-8241

Hubba Hubba

If you don’t care about being discrete, then you can consider Hubba Hubba. This store started being a vintage and punk store 40 years ago, but progressively it became one of the best sex shops in Boston. This venue offers the same as most average sex shops, but it’s a bit more inclined into BDSM, having a lot of gear, costumes and leather.

Address: 2 Ellery Street, Cambridge
Phone number: (617) 492-9082

Amazing Intimate Essentials

Another chain of sex shops that can’t stay out of this list is Amazing Intimate Essentials. Having around 20 venues in total, 6 located in Boston and its surrounding areas, they are probably the most popular chain in New England.
What do they sell? Well, they sell the average things. There is something for all tastes, including BDSM gear.

Address and Phone numbers: Check here

Motels / Hotels

When it comes to get laid in a motel or hotel, we don’t really have recommendations. Why? Firstly, you won’t find any sex theme motel in Boston. Of course, there are several typical motels where you can go. But generally, this kind of places tend to be filthy. For that reason, the best you can do is just to visit any hotel room. Definitively, you can go to a motel if you don’t want to spend a lot, but keep in mind our advice.
Also, remember that prostitution in general is illegal, so be careful! Be aware that some motels or hotels are on a police watch list to crack down on prostitution. You shouldn’t show up every day with a different sex partner. Anyway, this happens more often in indigent areas, even so, it doesn’t mean that you can take different escorts every day. Some hotels are indifferent to this and won’t oppose to it, but there could be others who report you so, don’t risk it too much.

Nudist Resorts

There are people who feel weary after spending a lot of time wearing clothes. That’s why sometimes they need to go somewhere where they can spend the whole day without clothes outside with other people who think the same. If you are like this, you are lucky because the State of Massachusetts count with some nice nudist beaches near Boston. If we are talking about Massachusetts… yes, that’s all. But, we’ll share with you some other resorts which aren’t so far from Boston within New England. There will be 3 resorts located in Rhode Island and Connecticut, and the rest will be some lakes and rivers which unfortunately are pretty far but definitively are worth to visit if you have the opportunity.
So, which are these resorts?

Drier Woods Campground

Located in Rhode Island, very close to the border with Connecticut, this family friendly resort is surrounded by stunning woods which will make you want to stay forever. The place counts with a lot of amenities.
Let’s start talking about the accommodations. The club counts with camping zones for tents and RV for those who want to live closer to the nature. If you want more comfort, the club counts with several cabins. You can have more information here.
Now, talking about the amenities, the list is long! The club counts with: a large swimming pond, wood fired sauna, a lot of hiking trails full of nature within the 200 acres of the resort. There is a bathhouse with indoor and outdoor showers, some resorts for sports and more.

Address: ​114 Johnson Road, Foster, RI
Phone number: (401) 397-3007

Sun Ridge Resort

Sun Ridge is a 42 acre nudist club full of amenities, nature and nudist people like you. The place is more oriented to adults, but sexual behavior isn’t allowed in public.
Regarding accommodations, the place counts with camp and RV zones if you want to be closer to the nature, or you can rent a cabin if you prefer being indoors. Be aware that only couples can rent cabins overnight!
Now, talking about amenities, the club has a lot to offer from activities on the nature such as talks at night around the campfire, skinny-dipping on their pool or sports such as tennis. Indoors, they count with billiard, ping pong tables, other tables games and more. At Saturday nights, they host an amazing nude party.
Summarizing, the perfect resort for newcomers and experimented people on the field.

Address: 131 Calvin French Road, Sterling
Phone number: (860) 779-1512

Solair Recreation League

Solair Recreation League is a family-friendly nudist resort with 360 acres located in Woodstock Connecticut. As most resorts in the zone, the place is completely surrounded by high-tree forests. In the center of the resort there is a lake where you can do skinny-dipping or just sit and relax seeing the stunning views of the place.
Regarding amenities, the club counts with a solar-heated swimming pool, tennis and pickleball courts, volleyball courts, a lot of hiking trails to discover, the opportunity to get on a boat and fish and more. Besides, there are always dinners, dances and other kind of events that make the stay in this place awesome. See more about their amenities here.
Regarding accommodations, you have the opportunity of renting a cabin, a zone for putting your tent or an RV slot. It’s recommended to reserve on time.

Address: 65 Ide Perrin Road, Woodstock
Phone number: (860) 928-9174

Herring Cove Beach

Herring Cove is located in Provincetown. It’s known for being one of the most famous LGBTQ destinations in the US. The nudist part of this beach is situated on the south side, more exactly over a mile south of the NPS beach parking.

Longnook Beach

This beach is located near the town of Truro on Cape Cod. It isn’t officially nudist, but people tolerate it anyway. It has stunning white sand and dunes as high as 75 feet!

Other nudist resorts

The following resorts are all natural, they are incredible destinations, unfortunately, they are very far from Boston. But if naturism is your passion, we recommend them!

  • The Punchbowl (Skinnydipping), VT: This place is located on a river, here you will be able to take off your clothes and get into the water! The place is owned by some naturists too so, you will be more than welcome here. To have more information, check this.
  • The Ledges of Harriman Reservoir in Wilmington, VT: The place is often attended by gay males, and it’s basically a lake surrounded woods. You can read more about the place here.
  • The Southwest Cove at Lake Willoughby, VT: The views of this place are amazing and the water of the lake is so clear and clean that you will want to skinny-dip the whole day there. Be aware that only the south part of the lake is nudist! More information in this post.

How can I stay safe?

Before visiting a new city for the first time, it’s always important to inform yourself about the possible threads, dangers, scams, etc. The more you know about a place, the fewer chances you have of being the victim of a crime or scam. That’s why we decided to add this section to our blog.
First, we would like to give some obvious advice that sometimes we tend to ignore but are very important. The first piece of advice is to avoid making evident that you are a tourist. Doing so, there are fewer chances that you will be targeted. What things can you do to avoid making it obvious? Well, before going out, you should plan beforehand where you will go and what route you will use. In this way, you will avoid using the map several times and more importantly, you will plan a route that avoid the dangerous areas that we’ll recommend you in the blog. The second advice you should consider is avoid taking a lot of money and other important belongings with you if they are unnecessary. Pickpocketing is the most common crime that happens to tourists, so, the less you have, the less you will lose in worst case scenario. Still talking about pickpocketing, always keep your hands in your pockets when you are amid a crowd or in public transport, and your bag in a place where you can always see it.

Places and regions that you should avoid

Maybe it’s hard to believe, but Boston is pretty more dangerous than other cities in the USA. It isn’t among the most dangerous, but still you should be careful. Anyways, if you keep in the most tourist zone, you won’t be in problems. Where shouldn’t you go? Well, now we’ll mention which are the most dangerous neighborhoods in Boston, but to put it bluntly, any area that isn’t the center of the city can be dangerous.

Worst neighborhoods

Below we’ll put a map, so you can locate where these neighborhoods are exactly located.

  • Roxbury
  • Mattapan
  • Jamaica Plain
  • Hyde Park
  • North Dorchester
  • South Dorchester
  • East Boston
  • South Boston
  • Central Boston
  • Charlestown

Scams that you should be aware of

If you are on the field, you most likely already know these common scams but in the case you are new to this, you should read a bit about them, so you are aware and can prevent falling on them.

Getting you drug

You may think, “I don’t take drugs so, it’s impossible that I fall for this”. But thieves can achieve it in several ways, let’s give some examples. A friendly girl on the street start talking to you and convince you of going for some drinks. She could have taken you to a bar in which the bartender has already put something on the drink or even, the girl puts something when you don’t realize. Then, she asks you to go to your hotel room and when the drug starts making effect you fall asleep and when you wake up, she has already stolen you everything.
There are even cases in which some girls put a drug on their nipples so, when she is having sex with a man, she makes him licks her nipples and so you get doped. There are many ways, the best way to avoid it is not engaging with street workers or trusting random girls who approached you in a friendly way.

Making you pay for unwanted services

Some girls can promise you typical sex-services but when you finish, she tells you that you have to pay more for extra services that she has given you which you consented but hadn’t agreed beforehand. If you want to avoid paying her, an accomplice or lady boy will come and make you pay by force. How to avoid it? It isn’t something that happens very frequently, but normally, this can happen if you hire a street worker.

Cash and dash

There are prostitutes that ask for you to pay in advance, and then she disappears without giving you any service. It can happen more often in Internet. How can I avoid this? If you are hiring someone by internet, use trustable and only hire girls who have a complete profile.


In some cases, girls take you to a place in which there are hidden cameras and have sex with you. Then, she sends you a menace that if you don’t pay certain money, then she will send this content to delicate contacts of yours or make it go viral. So, in this case, you should avoid going to the girl’s place and hiring a room in a motel instead.
It can also happen that you are having virtual sex with a girl, and she starts to ask you to send pictures. Be careful if you do it and try that your face, tattoos, or furniture of your house isn’t displayed on those photos.

Kiddnapping or theft

This one is more obvious, but you should always avoid going to the places proposed by a girl, she could be taking you to a dangerous house where a group is waiting for you or even getting into a car you didn’t call for, it could be a false Uber or taxi.

As we said, there are several possibilities, so we recommend you to read these forums. Here you will find information about more general scams, but you can also access to certain locations.

Important phone numbers

Before traveling, it’s a good idea to investigate and add some phone numbers, in this way, if anything goes wrong you already will be prepared and will know who to call.

  • Police department, non-emergency: 343-4500
  • Fire department, non-emergency: 343-3550
  • Emergency Management: 635-1400
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